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With AutoErase you can search all mapped drives and folders for specified file types and safely delete them with many options. For example, you may only want to delete *.bak files that are older than 2-days and retain newer .bak files.

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Many programs such as AutoCAD create backup (.bak) files and other file types that may require you to periodically clean from time to time. If the original file (e.g. DWG) become corrupt or damaged for any reason, the backup file can be used as a replacement. However, these backup and other temporary files create additional disk space overhead and can be safely deleted periodically. Often a backup file may exist even when the original file has been deleted, renamed or a result of a Save as... command. Those of you who are responsible for the periodic cleaning of the network file system, know that this can be a tedious and timely process...until now.


  • Automatically search and delete file types as specified.
  • Erase files older than user specified days, and bypass newer files.
  • Confirm files before erasure with the option to remove files from the erase list.
  • Erase multiple file types at once. (i.e. *.bak;*.bk1;*.tmp)
  • Start from the top level folders and search through all sub folders.
  • Record a log file of files deleted.
  • Provide email notification when the AutoErase function is complete.
  • Run AutoSchedule to perform at any time and reoccur every 1 or more days.
  • AutoErase is a time saving utility that automates network file and disk maintenance.

Customer Feedback:

“We've started using AutoLib to catalog our detail library. AutoLib made short work of pouring through four thousand detail files in literally minutes. Since VoloView is built into the program, our construction administration people can review each detail without using AutoCAD. Creating standard network and custom project libraries is a breeze. Aside from the fact we don't have to create time intensive slide libraries, one of AutoLib’s best features is the ability to utilize the drawing property data within the detail file, allowing for search queries and automatic scale insertions. It really is a powerful utility!”

Jim Grady, Cad Manager - WATG Architects


"We have been using AutoLib for several months now, and are able to better manage and organize our library of typical CAD details and drafting symbols.  ArchMedia's customer service is excellent.  They have really worked hard to resolve issues about our specific setup and use of AutoLib."

Don Yanos, CAD Administrator - SSFM International Inc.


It took us 5 years to build up a collection of standard details and 5 minutes to build up a Detail Library that everyone can use with AutoLib."

Victor Donoso, Cad Manager - Carter & Burgess, Inc.

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