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Motive Systems: M-Color 9.1 Plus
by 'M-Files Inc.'
Create impressive, colorful plots easily and save color configurations for reuse - an essential feature for productive CAD work. M-Color 9 improves the quality and appearance of AutoCAD designs. Single Concurrent License

MSRP: $845.00
CADalog.com: $749.00

MSRP: $845.00
CADalog.com: $749.00

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New Additional Features:

  • Support for AutoCAD 2007 based products
  • Significant improvements for Architectural Desktop users
  • Reduced memory consumption when exporting large bitmaps
  • Improved ECW and SID raster image support for PDF
  • Updated license manager, improved reliability for portable licenses
  • Other smaller improvements and fixes


The users can create hand-drawn effects and one-click drop shadows, or use such features as translucent bitmaps and translucent gradient fills to create presentations that truly share the designer’s vision.
  • Hand-drawing effect
  • One-click drop shadows
  • Translucent raster images, bitmap textures, and gradient fills
  • Smooth blending of raster images into the background (8-bit alpha channels)
  • Improved rendering quality and more powerful handling of translucency effects
  • Faster, higher-quality bitmap exporting
  • 50% smaller PDF files and support for PDF 1.5, including layer data

Hand-drawing effect

A hand-drawn looks adds a touch of personality to your drawings. You can use different effects (curve, deviate, move ends, break and vary width, multiple line segments) to make the drawing look like it was hand-drawn. This is an excellent feature for use in casting initial sketches from your designs, for example.

One-click drop shadows

Adding drop shadows to text or graphics gives depth and flair to your layout. You can create drop shadows simply with the click of a button, then easily adjust the angle, distance, and feathering of the shadow.


Smooth blending of raster images into the background
  • All transparent raster images are now smoothly blended into the background. With the new 8 bit alpha channel support you can add photos of trees, people, etc. that blend into your drawing perfectly.

Improved rendering

Improved rendering quality and more powerful handling of translucency effects
  • The rendering mechanism of M-Color has been completely renewed; as a result, the on-screen graphics are smooth and exact. Also, the previewing responds much more rapidly than before, especially when you have used transparent effects.

Faster, higher-quality bitmap exporting

The new technology of M-Color 9 enables you to export your drawing as a raster image in just a fraction of the time used by previous versions of M-Color. In addition, the quality of the resulting image is enhanced.

Efficiency in file sizing

50% smaller PDF files and support for PDF 1.5, including layer data
  • With M-Color 9, you can generate small, high-quality PDF files. M-Color 9 also supports PDF 1.5, including inclusion of your CFG layer information in the resulting PDF file.

Additional improvements

M-Color 9 supports hyperlinks in PDF files. Also, you can now also save CFG and PAL files into old formats and activate your M-Color license instantly online. Another improvement providing flexibility is the integration with the AutoCAD paper frame in Paper Space.


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