Project Status

User Interface

Item Description Source Enhancement Status Schedule
1 Home Page index.php Bottom ads and featured ad by Image Admin In-Progress Unknown -
2 Display all products all_products.php Side Banner by Image Admin Done Unknown 14-JAN-05
3 Support & Services cadalog_support.php Side Banner by Image Admin Done Unknown 14-JAN-05
4 Corporate corporate.php Done 05-JAN-05 05-JAN-05
5 Login/Start Account login.php Done Unknown 21-JAN-05
6 Forgot Password forgot_password.php Done Unknown 24-JAN-05
7 Account Information account_manage.php Done Unknown 20-JAN-05
8 Account Information Update account_manage.php Only one page with option to update any info. item. Done Unknown 20-JAN-05
9 Private Policy privacy.php Done 05-JAN-05 05-JAN-05
10 Legal legal.php Done 05-JAN-05 05-JAN-05
11 Product Info. prodinfo.asp Comment: this page has several view options (Features,system req., Support, Free Trial) Done Unknown 24-JAN-05
12 Answers (dynamic help) answer.php Done 12-JAN-05 12-JAN-05
14 Shoping Cart shopcart.asp Pending Unknown -
15 Shopcart Payment shopcart_payment.asp Done Unknown 26-JAN-05
16 Shopcart Confirm shopcart_confirm.asp Done Unknown 26-JAN-05
17 Shopcart Complete shopcart_complete.asp Pending Unknown -

Admin Interface

Item Description Source Enhancement Status Schedule
1 Login Page /admin/login.php Done Unknown 10-JAN-05
2 Main Admin home Page main.php Pending Unknown -
3.1 Company Listing company_list.php New Page Done Unknown 13-JAN-05
3.2 Company maintaince company_maint.php New Page Done Unknown 13-JAN-05
4.1 Product Listing product_list.php Done Unknown 24-JAN-05
4.2 Product Maintance product_maint.php We need to remove 'ShowCase', since it is not used.
Add 10 and 25 work description.
Add the SKU maintanence.
Assosiate product with company
Done Unknown 24-JAN-05
5 Category Maintenance category_maint.php New Page Done Unknown 31-JAN-05

Admin Processing

Item Description Source Enhancement Status Schedule
1 Ship Orders new New.
When order is marked as shipped, the custoemr will recive an email and his credit-card will be charged.
Pending Unknown -

Admin Reports

Item Description Source Enhancement Status Actual
1 Compare Files in Download Directory with Database check_file.asp Pending Unknown
2 Order Information (by date/status,company, ship-notification ...) new New Pending Unknown

Phase I Enhancements

Item Page Description Status
1 Admin Add Company and company Maintenance Done
2 Product Associate Product with company Done
3 Shopping Cart Do NOT allow negative quantity of products Done
4 Shopping Cart Do NOT allow order processing with invalide quantities Pending
5 Shopping Cart Add Extended Price to the order Done
6 FAQ Fix the text of 'Whos pay' (taxes) Pending
7 Shopping Cart Confirm Make sure selected SH method appropriate for ship address. If not, calculate appropriately. Done
8 reports price list report Pending

Future Enhancements

Item Description
1 Process Delay / Capture after shipping.
2 Price List Report (maybe with our cost).
3 Associate support information to a company (instead of product).
4 Shop Cart Complete -Send a copy of the order to the Company
5 Shop Cart Complete,product - Allow to add a special message to the order recipt depending on the product

Removed Features

Item Page Description
1 Product Option to relate other products.
2 Product Option to add 'More' section to 'Product Feature'.
3 Prootion The whole concept of promotion code is not included.