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modo 302 Modeling
by 'Luxology LLC'
modo is the unique, artist-friendly 3D software that combines modeling, painting, animation and rendering in a fused workflow for designers and artists working in the areas of industrial design, architectural visualization, package design, game development, film and broadcast, education and scientific studies. When you buy modo, you can use it on both the PC and Mac as we license the software to you, not your computer.

MSRP: $895.00
CADalog.com: $889.00

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Polygon/Subdivision Surface Modeler

Whether you require precise rigid body models or character models with perfect “flow,” modo has you covered. In modo you can edit using a classic polygon modeling workflow and then hit Tab to work with your model in gorgeous SubD’s. The vertex, edge and polygon tools you need are at hand and ready to work for you the way you want them to—from sketching organic surface details to beveling or thickening surfaces or precisely placing instanced objects along an edge. Intelligent selection tools anticipate what parts of the model you want to work on and a system of action centers and falloffs modulate how the tools work. modo is, quite simply, one of the world’s greatest modeling tools.

Snapping and Alignment

modo lets you construct geometry with precision by allowing you to snap to existing geometry or to points on the modo grid. Consider the most basic of drawing tools in modo, the Pen tool, which lets you place vertices to form geometry. As you are drawing, modo displays ghosted guidelines that allow you to snap horizontally, vertically or at 90 degrees to the last create vertex. Similarly, you can move or rotate existing points in your model to snap to another vertex, edge, mid-edge, polygon, or polygon center. Want to type in a value? You configure modo to work in whatever units you want and you can type in strings like 4m+6in and modo does the math (4 meters plus 6 inches) for you!


For some modeling operations you don’t want precise bevels and beautiful curves, you want a more organic approach to modeling, be it terrain or any other freeform shape. Two kinds of sculpting tools are provided in modo: mesh-based and image-based. Mesh-based tools let you modify the overall shape of an object and act on the limit surface itself. You can use mesh sculpting to gently nudge the shape of an object or to radically affect its shape. And when you want to carve a wrinkle or a gash across the surface, image-based tools are at the ready. With image-based sculpting you are creating a displacement at any level of subdivision you want. There is incredible freedom in having sculpting tools that work right alongside traditional modeling tools. Learn more about sculpting in modo 302.

World Class UV Editing

To create perfectly textured models, you need easy access to world-class UV editing tools and the legendary UV editor in modo gives you the ideal environment for the job. In many cases, it is as simple as Click. Unwrap. Done. And with modo, you can build your UV map then create morphs with topology changes and not be concerned with wrecking your UV’s.
Need more UV control? An interactive Relax tool will adaptively relax your mesh, minimizing angular and area distortion. Even holes in your mesh (like eyes) are correctly handled in most cases. When there is overlap, those areas are easy to spot with modo’s highlighting feature. UV editing has become – dare we say it – almost fun.

Toolpipe (Custom Tool Creation)

modo’s Toolpipe lets you create an infinite number of specialized modeling and selection tool variants that you can assign to hotkeys or other parts of the user interface. With the Toolpipe, you are able to combine modo’s robust set of powerful modeling tools with falloffs and action centers in new combinations to customize the way a given tool feels, looks and affects geometry. You can either use modo’s tools as supplied, or leverage the Toolpipe to create a tailored set of tools that work exactly the way you want them to.

Cutting edge Toolset

modo’s robust modeling toolset provides you with simple and intuitive solutions to the most complex modeling challenges. Here are some examples of the modo tools that will make 3D modeling a more creatively inspired experience for you.
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