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AnimationLab V4.1
by 'IMSIdesign'
The AnimationLab 4.0 plug-in for TurboCAD Professional is an exciting addition that can turn your TurboCAD software into your own personal animation studio.

MSRP: $199.00
CADalog.com: $169.95

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Turn your TurboCAD software into your own personal animation studio.

  • Single Click Animation
  • Seamless TurboCAD Integration
  • Create or Edit AVI Files
  • Simple File Management

New Features

  • Generate animated GIFs
  • Animate dimension variables created within the Constraint Manager
  • Make edits in the parametric history or Part Tree, and your animation will automatically be reflected
  • Key Framing records node modifications to 2D objects and 3D profiles

Animated GIF

Montage Center

The Montage Center is a standalone AVI processing utility that allows you to refine your AnimationLab creations. You can also edit any AVI files you have, or create AVI files from scratch. Insert or delete individual frames, or sets of frames using BMP, JPG, GIF, ICO, WMF and EMF files.
  • Splice AVI files together
  • Add Sounds to AVIs
  • Save the frames of AVIs as separate BMP files
  • Specify JPG or BMP files as backgrounds, or fill with a color, or set transparency, or titles etc
  • Create compressed AVI movies with defined quality and image size
  • Preview mode provides the possibility to view separate frames, as well as the entire future movie

Seamless TurboCAD Integration

AnimationLab 4.0 animates your images quickly because there is no need to re-render the view in TurboCAD when generating the individual views for the animation. Plus, through seamless integration it takes maximum advantage of your TurboCAD 12 software with these animation commands.
  • Change Material
  • Change Environment
  • Change Luminance
  • Luminance
  • Environment
  • Set Name (For the ""actor"" or object you wish to animate)
  • Add Image To Manager (animation within an animation)
  • Change Actor Image (animation within an animation)
  • Extract Frame From AVI - Extract a single frames from your animation

File Palette

The File Palette makes file management simple. By viewing the contents of your network directories through a Windows® Explorer-like interface, you can simply open and manage your files directly from the TurboCAD desktop. You can also define a list of TCW files (from one location or across your network) and tell it to perform a batch process to all of the files at one time.
  • Batch Open - Open a set of selected files in TurboCAD
  • Batch Convert - Convert a set of selected files to/from any supported TurboCAD format
  • Batch Thumbnail - Create sets of BMP or JPG thumbnails for a set of selected files
  • Batch Animate - Create the same animation on a set of selected files using any of the presets available from AnimationLab
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