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TurboCAD 3D Training Guides v12
by 'IMSIdesign'
The TurboCAD 3D Training Guide is the official IMSI learning guide dedicated to teaching new users how to harness the powerful 3D features in TurboCAD.

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CADalog.com: $39.95

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Boost Your Knowledge!

This new edition of TurboCAD® Professional 3D Training Guide is dedicated to teaching new users how to use TurboCAD Professional. The guide is organized into 5 Modules; each covering a fundamental area of 3D CAD techniques. The modules are broken into quick, easy-to-follow lessons that allow you to focus on a single aspect of TurboCAD. Following each lesson is a step-by-step exercise allowing you to immediately apply the information you learned in the lesson. In addition, the 3D Training Guide contains longer challenge exercises which are extended projects that you complete gradually as your CAD knowledge increases.

3D Profile Objects

  • Objectives
  • 3D Profile Objects
  • Architectural Tools
  • Manipulating 3D Objects
  • Assembly Tools
  • Challenge Exercise

Workplanes and Coordinates Systems

  • Workplanes
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Challenge Exercise

Modifying 3D Objects

  • Objectives
  • Editing
  • Modification Tools
  • Challenge Exercise

Walkthrough, Camera, Rendering, and Window Layout

  • Objectives
  • Advanced Viewing and Cameras
  • Rendering Options
  • Materials, Environment, and Luminance
  • Window Layout Templates
  • Printing 3D Models
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