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TurboCAD V12 3D Training CD
by 'IMSIdesign'
Introducing the TurboCAD 3D Training CD! This powerful, hands-on learning system is a quick and easy way to learn the 3D features in TurboCAD versions: 8 through 12.

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CADalog.com: $39.95

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TurboCAD 3D Training CD

Been afraid to make the step from 2D drafting to 3D modeling? Now you can learn about 3D designing in TurboCAD at your own pace with the TurboCAD 3D Training CD. This interactive CD allows users of TurboCAD v12 to quickly learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling, along with harnessing the ability to practice with hands on exercises. All sample drawing files are included on the CD, so there is no need to even leave the program while you learn. The TurboCAD 3D Training CD is for intermediate and advanced level TurboCAD Users. Following are the chapters and categories you will be trained on:


  • 3D CAD Overview - General overview of what 3D CAD is and how it can be used.
  • About 3D Modeling - Learn about the differences between solids and surfaces, and how workplanes are used in 3D modeling.
  • 3D User Interface - How to move in 3D space, rotation, moving reference points, 3D selector, multiple views, changing views, camera tools, perspective views and cooridnate systems.

Simple 3D Drawings Tools

  • Box, Sphere, Workplanes, 3D Splines, Aligning Objects - Draw a box, using isometric view, absolute values, setting of workplanes, draw sphere on surface other than default workplane
  • Extrude, Revole, 3D Add - Learn how to extrude, extrude by path, revolve around axis and how to add 2 objects to form one.
  • Lofting, Mesh, Cones - Create ribs of a canoe, loft to form skin, mesh - adding data, importing data, different types of cones.
  • Architectural Tools - Learn how to use walls, roofs, opening tools; 2D views

Advanced 3D Drawing Tools

  • Assembly Tools - Assembly by 3 points, using edge, points, and facet tools.
  • Advanced Copy - Linear, radial, array, mirror and vector.
  • Advanced Editing - Subtract, intersect, slice, blend edges (round, square) shell solid.
  • Pro Only Features - Design director, part tree, effect of part tree, extrude by region option, facet editing/deforming, drafting palette, imprint bezier and splines, adding and deleting nodes.


  • Views, Paperspace and Printing - Learn how to create different views in model space, add them to paperspace, prepare for printing.
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