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Envisioneer 6.0 Essentials
by 'Cadsoft'
Envisioneer Essentials offers the fundamental tools necessary to easily model, render, and present concepts in 3D, as well as integrate with existing 2D drafting platforms such as AutoCAD through a vast array of interoperability format support. Envisioneer Essentials enables professionals such as Interior Designers, Landscape Professionals, Design Centers and AutoCAD enthusiasts to create:

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Envisioneer Essentials enables professionals to:

  • Building Information Modeling
  • Dynamic Sales Presentations
  • Site & Landscape Design
  • Manufacturer’s catalogs of data
  • < Integration with Structural Frame Analysis
  • Link to Panelization and manufacturing
  • Relationships to Interior Design and Project sales

Design & Modeling

Complete 3D Parametric Building Modeling
  • Place and edit objects directly in 2D or 3D Views
  • 3D Editing of all objects including Walls, Roofs, and Stairs, etc.
  • Editing walls updates connected roofs, floors, ceilings
Productivity Settings
  • Commander for keyboard entry of exact distances and angles
  • Mirror image plans
  • Customizable  Fast right-click edit menus
  • Pre-selection assistance
  • Up to 999 building locations
Parametric catalog of objects including manufacturers
  • List of actual product manufacturers content
  • Completely customizable groups, sub groups and elements
  • Search for library items by style and name
  • Select and edit multiple items with global change
Building Design Wizards
  • House Builder
  • Kitchen Builder
  • Deck Builder
  • Shed Builder
  • Bathroom Builder
  • Floor and Foundation Builder

Kitchens, baths and interior design
  • Fully customizable cabinets: backsplash, appliances, countertop, drawers, rail, doors
  • Details include shelves, toe-kick, custom mouldings, and more
  • Place, edit, and customize cabinets in plan view and 3D views
  • Create and apply custom edge moulding
  • Detail cabinets and doors with hinges, handles, and pulls
  • Use Cabinet Modules Library to create 1,000's of custom combinations
  • Specify Electrical, Fixture, and Furniture items to attached to ceilings and roofs - objects can also
  • Kitchen Builder Wizard
  • Customizable kitchen cabinets
  • Sinks attach to cabinets
  • Sinks in corner cabinets
  • Kitchen appliances and accessories
  • Furniture - living room, bedroom, rec. room, dining room, kitchen and office
  • Appliances - wide variety of kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Electronics - audio-visual, computer, clocks, communications
  • Accessories - area rugs, window treatments, decorative accents, dining, kitchen, bathroom, aquariums, much more
  • Lighting - lamps, sconces, ceiling fans, recessed and track lighting
  • Materials Paintbrush — change your finishes with a mouse click
  • Complete fireplace tools: masonry, freestanding, corner, and more

MEP Tools
  • Complete electrical tools: lights, switches, outlets, cable, telephone, and more
  • Wiring schematic tool
  • Define custom lighting with shadows, attenuation and intensity
  • Complete plumbing fixtures including toilets, sinks, tubs, showers. faucets
  • HVAC — furnaces, air conditioners, fireplaces, stoves, registers, etc.
Complete Materials Editor
  • Create and edit your own materials
  • Material Paintbrush: allow drag-and-drop application of materials in 3D
  • Import your own textures and photos
  • Match properties with a eyedropper tool
Landscape Design
  • Fills — garden beds, ponds, etc.
  • Edging - PVC, wood posts, or wood, stone, brick or concrete rails
  • Retaining Walls - wood, concrete and concrete block
  • Landscape Lighting - ground lighting and light posts
  • Irrigation - sprinkler systems
  • Exterior Furniture - tables, chairs, swings, benches, etc.
  • Exterior Accessories - BBQs, planters, arbours, trellises, decorative and more
  • Exterior Structures - pools, hot tubs, courts, playground equipment, etc.
Site plans
  • Create plot plans with accurate length, bearing and setback information
  • Custom paths, fills, pads, sidewalks, roadways
  • Contours
Deck and Fence Design
  • Complete Deck design
  • Automatic deck framing for post-and-beam construction
  • Fence Tool - create picket, privacy, iron, glass rail, etc.
  • Control the orientation and size of deck planking
  • Fences - wood, picket, privacy, ranch, stone, concrete
  • Gates - wood, picket, privacy, ranch
  • Customizable Deck Railings
  • Customizable Deck Railings
3D Terrain Modeling
  • Terrain Modifiers - hills, valleys, slopes, elevated regions, and more
  • Display contour lines and elevation difference
  • Crop terrain around lot lines
Plant Encyclopedia
  • Landscaping
  • Plants - trees, shrubs, plants and flowers
  • Information on 7500 species
  • Zoning information
  • Watering calendar
  • Plant Growth Over Time
  • Plant Seasonal Change

Presentation Tools

High quality 3D Real View rendering
  • 3D Real View™ high-quality rendering using radiosity technology
  • Advanced smooth shading
  • Ray tracing with light, shadows and reflection
  • Adjust render settings for optimal processing speed and quality results
  • Create backdrops using photos from digital camera or any bmp, jpg, tga file
  • Define sun angles by season, specific date, and time-of-day

Advanced rendering effects

  • Smoke, fog and more
  • Antialiasing
  • Atmosphere conditions
  • Image brightness

Dynamic cutaway section tool

  • Interactively cut the building in 3D
  • Section vertically, horizontally or at any rotation

Movie Maker animation tools

  • Create AVI movies of virtual 3D walk-throughs
  • Add sound WAV files to your animations for narration, sound effects, etc.
  • Record walkthrough movies along a designated path

3D Stereo Vision view - View with 3D glasses

  • Create stereo images with a single mouse click
  • View on screen or print 3D images

3D Navigation & Display

  • Control the display of objects in all views using display visibility
  • Multiple display view modes for showing model in wireframe, shaded, rendered, patterned and rendered outline view
  • Cameras can be named, edited, and saved
  • Navigate using Fly Around, Look around, Walk around and Pan to allow you to move around in real time


Green Building tools
  • Link to Autodesk Green Building Studio
  • Export to GBXML file format
  • Link to Green3DHome.com for BIM catalogs and energy calculators
Green Building tools
Full scale printing
  • Print to scale at any size
  • Print to file for printing off site
  • Print preview feature
  • Print display, all, and window selection
  • Print all as black feature
  • Batch Printing
  • Print Tiling
  • Print to file for outsourcing print job
  • Print to PDF
2D Import and export formats (DWG, DXF, BMP, etc.)
  • Imports vector formats include DWG, DXF
  • 2D raster formats include BMP, JPG, TGA, and more!
  • Project Trace Image for tracing scanned plans
3D Import
  • Import 3D files to create symbols and content
  • Support for 3D DXF, DWG, 3DS, SKP
  • Import content for Google 3D Warehouse
2D Export
  • Export BMP, JPG or TGA Raytraced Renderings
  • Save to DWG DXF and PDF
3D Export
  • Export formats include DWG, DXF, SKP, 3DS, VRML, Artlantis and XML
  • Export .AVI Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Export 3D VRML for rendering or virtual walkthrough
  • Export to 20-20 Design XML format

Software Assistance

User’s Guide and Online Help
Context-sensitive help
Interactive tooltips
Free online Users Forum
Interactive Tutor
Included for all clients on the current version of Envisioneer *

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