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Envisioneer 6.0 Essentials
by 'Cadsoft'
Envisioneer Essentials offers the fundamental tools necessary to easily model, render, and present concepts in 3D, as well as integrate with existing 2D drafting platforms such as AutoCAD through a vast array of interoperability format support. Envisioneer Essentials enables professionals such as Interior Designers, Landscape Professionals, Design Centers and AutoCAD enthusiasts to create:

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1. Envisioneer's Active Building Elements

Envisioneer's Connected Associative Behavioural engine allows elements and drawing objects to be aware of their surroundings and to react and behave according to their building application. Not only are doors and windows associated to the walls but also so are structural elements such as floors, ceilings, roofs, footings, members and columns. This delivers unparalleled power as a simple command of moving a wall will update all the associated building elements that are connected, saving valuable editing time and saving costly mistakes.
Features include:
Structural connectivity between walls, ceilings, and floors.
Collision Control — Elements cannot occupy another Element's space.
Auto-wall fusion.
Auto-alignment of Elements.
Elements inserted on floors, remain associated to floors.
Elements inserted on terrain, remain associated with terrain.
Sinks automatically remain associated with cabinets.
Railings associated with stairs remain connected.
Skylights inserted into roofs remain associated.

2. Create and edit in both 2D and 3D

Envisioneer allows you to work in the manner in which you are most comfortable. For the traditionalist, working in plan view creates a 3D Model at all times when you draw your structure. For the advanced, Envisoneer can create and edit in full 3D view, giving you instant visual feedback at all times during your design process.

3. Native DWG output

One of Envisioneer's most important features is its ability to write to the DWG file format for use with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. This provides the compatibility needed to work with the industry-standard file format — a feature that Cadsoft has become famous for.

4. Customizable quantity report templates

Envisioneer's gives the ability to customize your quantity estimate reports. Format and tailor your estimate to your custom style complete with pricing, units of measure, and totals. You can also link with the most popular estimating and accounting packages in today's construction market such as Buildsoft, CSG, and ISS to name a few.

5. Custom catalogs

Create an unlimited variety of custom walls, doors, windows, floors, members, etc… and store them in your own custom catalog for reuse in any future project or choose from the 2000+ Elements that ship with Envisioneer's extensive Master Catalog.

6. Key industry-standard formats

The ability to export models to a variety of applications such as DXF, Abvent's Artlantis, Autodesk's Lightscape, VRML, 3DS, BMP, JPG and TGA. Importing of Affinity for Residential allows you to capture design intent and project tracking information and create your 3D CAD model from this data.

7. Automatic dimensioning and annotation

Envisioneer delivers an impressive toolset of automatic dimensioning and annotation features. Dimension your floor plan exterior at the single click of a mouse. Automatic interior dimensioning functions drop in interior dimension strings with another quick command. An incredible time saver! Add text and leaders instantly as well.

8. Real-time navigation

Navigate in real time through your 3D model. Walk, fly, orbit, or spin through and around your finished 3D model gaining fast client approval and catching problems before they arise on site.

9. 3DTrueView Lighting Module

Cadsoft Envisioneer has the unique 3DTrueView radiosity technology available for visualization. Lighting components that are inserted into your model are true to life and are necessary for the ultimate in photo-realism and visualization.
For exteriors, position your home in your desired geographical location, set the month and time of day, and watch as Envisioneer calculates the accurate lighting effects and based on your criteria. Great for sun studies.

10. Landscaping features

Add hardscape feature such as paths and paths to your 3D terrain. The addition of ponds and other fills complete with edging, fences, and gates complete your project's realism and paint the entire picture.

11. Complete 3D terrain editor

The three-dimensional terrain editor delivers an easy-to-use method of creating a stunning 3D look of your lot. Comprehensive modeling tools mold and sculpt your landscape into your existing or your desired results.
Modeling tools include:
  • hills and valleys
  • berms and trenches
  • plateaus
  • slopes

12. Detailed plant encyclopedia

The comprehensive plant encyclopedia contains more than 7500 trees, flowers and shrubs from around the world with associated care information. View the growth over time of the plants in your project and view the seasonal appearance of each.
Complete zone maps and plant care information, photos and animations round off this awesome gardening and landscaping tool.
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