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ShareSafe Desktop-Business Edition
by 'Pinion Software'
ShareSafe Desktop-Business Edition is a powerful and unique application that protects your irreplaceable intellectual property and information assets while letting you share them in the marketplace of ideas and business information-exchange.

MSRP: $699.00
CADalog.com: $679.00

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SSD-Business Edition comes with a built-in authentication module to create trusted relationships with your recipients. Authentication ensures that your secured information reaches only those you explicitly authorize and prevents content-forwarding. In addition, the authentication module easily scales to leverage enterprise-level ID-management systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, Lotus Domino, and others.


  • Users can create, secure, and share files in their native applications
  • Enhanced authentication through context-specific password and machine-dependent IDs
  • Time-based access to secure content, including open date, expiration date, and/or cumulative length of use
  • Selectively prohibiting or allowing content-forwarding and/or printing
  • Preventing copying, cutting, pasting, and screen-shot functions
  • Permanent removal of files upon expiration of permissions
  • Federally approved encryption of secure content while in-transit and in-use

Enhanced Security and Workflow Integration

Pinion Software offers the only file-security solution that works at both the operating system and application levels to provide unparalleled security. Our products allow your recipients to work with secure files in their native applications while enforcing the permissions that you set. This means, simply, that our software integrates with established business workflows.

Plug-In Support

You can launch PDP from your desktop or from within Outlook or Lotus Notes to include secure attachments directly into your email messages.

Viewing Secure Content

At the receiving end, the people to whom you send secure content use the freely available Pinion Receiver.

Supported Applications


Adobe Reader (.pdf)

MS Internet Explore(.htm, .html,.gif, .jpeg, .jpg)

Microsoft Excel(.xls)

Microsoft Paint (.bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, .tiff)

Microsoft PowerPoint(.ppt, .pps)

Microsoft Word (.doc, .rtf)

Microsoft Office (.ppt, .pps, .doc, .htm,. html, .rtf, .txt, .xls)


Adobe Flash Player (.flv, .swf, .xml)

MS Windows Media Player (.wma, .wmv)

Permissions you can set

  • Usage length - How long a recipient may work with a file before the file automatically self-destructs.
  • Password - Whether there is a password associated with the secure file.
  • Block forwarding - Only recipients with the specific ID of the Pinion Receiver that is installed on their machines will be able to open the secure content.
  • Printing - Whether the recipient may print the content.
  • Activation date - When a recipient may first access a secure file.
  • Shred date - When a secure file self-destructs.

Additional Benefits

  • Requires no IT infrastructure or dedicated servers
  • Allows your recipients to view and work with protected files in the files' native applications
  • Lets you protect multiple business, and media application files while they are in-use by recipients
  • Lets you save any combination of individual permissions into permission profiles that you can recall and use at your convenience
  • Keeps the integrity of your content secure by preventing cut, copy, paste, save, and screen-capture functions
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