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CadParts- PipeWorks
by 'CadParts, Inc.'
This program allows the user to Insert and Mate Pipe, Pipe Nipples, and Pipe Fittings into SolidWorks Assemblies. The program comes with the CadParts PF-2007 Threaded Pipe Fitting Library, which has both Steel and Brass Pipe, and Fittings. The Program is fully embedded inside SolidWorks 2006 and beyond. All that is required for inserting is to select the pipe or fitting to be inserted and then select an edge in the assembly where the pipe or fitting is to be inserted.

MSRP: $799.95
CADalog.com: $699.99

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Fully Compatible:

  • PipeWorks is fully compatible with SolidWorks 2006 and beyond
  • PipeWorks is fully compatible with the CadParts Threaded Pipe Fitting Library PF-2007


  • PipeWorks comes with the PF-2007 Threaded Pipe Fitting Library
  • PF-2007 Library has both individual files as well as configurations
  • Please see Product Page for PF-2007 for more information

License Requirement:

  • One license is required per user.

How to Use:

  • After Installation, PipeWorks is fully embedded into SolidWorks
  • To use PipeWorks after installation, merely go into the SolidWorks -Add-In- menu under -Tools- and select -PipeWorks-.
  • After PipeWorks is turned on, three new Icons will appear on the SolidWorks toolbar, one for Pipe, one for Nipples, and one for Fittings.
  • When an Icon is selected, a dialog box will appear in the Feature Manager section.
  • The user then selects the edge where the pipe or fitting will go.
  • If the edge selected is from the CadParts Library, the size is automatically obtained and entered into the dialogue box.
  • If the edge selected is from a non-catalog part, the user enters the size in the dialogue box
  • The user then selects the material, grade, class, and type of fitting
  • After the selections are made, the user clicks OK and the fitting, pipe, or nipple is inserted and mated into the assembly.
  • The Pipe, Nipples, and Fittings are mated so that the proper insertion depth for a liquid tight fit is achieved.
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