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modo 302 Modeling
by 'Luxology LLC'
modo is the unique, artist-friendly 3D software that combines modeling, painting, animation and rendering in a fused workflow for designers and artists working in the areas of industrial design, architectural visualization, package design, game development, film and broadcast, education and scientific studies. When you buy modo, you can use it on both the PC and Mac as we license the software to you, not your computer.

MSRP: $895.00
CADalog.com: $889.00

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Mesh-based Sculpting

Mesh-based sculpting tools modify existing points on a mesh with a brush and are the fastest way to move, smooth, inflate or flatten geometry. They are ideal for use as an extension to traditional modeling tools or for quickly roughing out a base shape that will then receive more detail using image-based sculpting techniques.
Available tools include: Push, Smooth, Carve, Flatten, Fold, Inflate, Smudge, Move, Tangent Pinch, Spin, Emboss, Mask. Numerous brush types are available for each tool. (Standard behavior is to perform the opposite effect with the Ctrl key depressed)

Image-based Sculpting

Image-based sculpting in modo lets you paint values on an image that adds fine surface detail. Working in a 3D viewport, you can quickly sculpt deep valleys in a landscape or create subtle creases on a face. With image-based sculpting you are creating a displacement on any level of the subdivision hierarchy you want. You can pinch, swirl and churn the surface to add grooves, battle damage or warts to objects. You can sculpt using another image (like lizard skin) that you brush onto the surface – easily adjusting image scale and rotation as you brush the values on where you want them. Since the values are stored in a map, image-based sculpting is ideal for transferring your sculpt data to another object with similar UVs (or in modo you can transfer sculpt data from a model to a different model with UV re-targeting).

Available tools include: Push, Smooth, Carve, Flatten, Fold, Inflate, Smudge, Move, Tangent Pinch, Spin, Emboss, Mask, Attenuate. Numerous brush types are available for each tool.



Sculpting is no isolated experience in modo; it is simply part of a larger toolset that you can use at any time. You have access to traditional modeling tools as you sculpt, just as you have tools to paint. The sculpting tools in modo uses the exact same system of tool falloffs, brushes and inks as the rest of modo. And you can have a lit preview of your work as you are sculpting. There is no need to import or export data as part of the sculpting process. Just being able to add or remove geometry without exporting a base mesh is a huge yet subtle productivity booster. Likewise, there is no need to bake out a displacement map. When sculpting in modo, all the data is simply native to modo.

True Displacement

modo can work with a true vector displacement—not just height fields. This means you can store objects like a mushroom in a vector displacement map. You can even turn 3D geometry into a brush and sculpt using ears (or mushrooms).
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