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modo 302 Modeling
by 'Luxology LLC'
modo is the unique, artist-friendly 3D software that combines modeling, painting, animation and rendering in a fused workflow for designers and artists working in the areas of industrial design, architectural visualization, package design, game development, film and broadcast, education and scientific studies. When you buy modo, you can use it on both the PC and Mac as we license the software to you, not your computer.

MSRP: $895.00
CADalog.com: $889.00

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Animation Done Here

modo’s Animation Layout configures modo to animate your scenes. modo provides a handy list of all items and their properties, giving you access to all the detailed object properties you may wish to vary over time by setting keyframes. You also have a timeline and various animation controls that let you start and stop the animation or jump to certain keys. For precise timing control, modo includes a graph editor where you can move or adjust keyframes in your scene with curves that let you automatically adjust, for example, their slope as they pass through keyframes. New in modo 302 is the trackview editor that gives you high level control of all animated channels on a timeline. As you adjust your animation in these editors, you immediately see the effect on your animation as it plays back.

Vary Any Property

Setting a keyframe is as simple as moving to the frame you want and using Add Key after you have adjusted, for example, the opacity of an object in order to make it visible or invisible at a point in time. Color coding in the interface lets you see which values have been keyframed. There are dozens of properties you can keyframe on an object to affect how it looks and where it is in space at a given time. To animate a camera, just keyframe its position by navigating normally in a camera viewport and adding keys on the desired frames. modo will smoothly interpolate between each camera position when you play back the animation. Of course, you can also keyframe other camera attributes such as lens focal length or on focal distance (for effects like a rack focus).

Organic Animation

You can animate between any number of morph deformations in modo (morphs are sometimes called blendshapes). In this way you could animate between a smiling face and a frowning face for example. You can also stress test your morphs before exporting to them to other 3D animation packages. New in modo 302 is the ability to animate vertex maps using deformers for subtle effects like vibration or secondary animation effects.

Import Animations

modo can read .MDD files to render animations created in other 3D applications. Handy tip: Point Oven (not included with modo) is a commercial suite of plug-ins designed to bake vertex and fcurve data into MDD files and is available for several popular 3D animation software packages.

Render It Out

When it comes to producing your final rendered sequences, the modo is ready to render animations that are rock steady and free of flicker and noise crawl. A special walkthrough mode for scenes with global illumination not only steadies the resulting animation but also improves rendering efficiency from frame to frame.

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