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Inventor for Beginners
by 'CAD Gorilla'
This course quickly introduces users to 3D parametric modeling using Autodesk Inventor. Written from the perspective of brand new users, within 2 hours you will learn how to navigate the interface, create sketches, set up parametric relationships, and create 3D models. You will also learn the basics of creating assemblies from your parts, and how to generate production-ready 2D drawings of your 3D parts and assemblies. This course is ideal for anyone looking to get comfortable using Autodesk Inventor, in a short amount of time. No experience is required.

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CADalog.com: $79.00

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Duration: 120 minutes

This course is Autodesk Inventor 2011 Certified. It has met the guidelines and testing criteria established by Autodesk, and represents the highest standards of quality and compatibility for the software.


Lesson List

Inventor Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Inventor Overview
  • Interface
  • View Manipulation
  • Navigation Bar
  • Parts
    • Introducing Parts
    • Starting a Part
    • Sketch Tools
    • Dimensions
    • Constraints
    • Automatic Constraints
    • Fully Constraining the Sketch
    • Extrude
    • Sketches on Faces
    • Extrude Contours
    • Extrude with Cut Option
    • Holes
    • Rectangular Patterns
    • Holes from Sketch
    • Mirror
    • Fillets
    • Revolve
  • Assemblies
    • Introducing Assemblies
    • Placing Components
    • Positioning Parts
    • Mate Constraint
    • Insert Constraint
    • Interference Analysis
    • Design Changes
    • Contact Sets
    • Exploded Views
  • Drawings
    • Introducing Drawings
    • Base View
    • Projected View
    • Section View
    • Detail View
    • Dimensions
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Parts Lists
    • Balloons
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