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3D-Framer, is a roof framing generator for AutoCAD 2000-2010, suitable for architects, builders and carpenters, who need to see how framing will look beforehand. You just need a 3D roof model for start working.

MSRP: $40.00
CADalog.com: $35.00

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  • Automatic 1/2" off for actual dressed lumber size
  • Allows for the selection of a framing starting point
  • Ridges, fascias, hip rafters, end rafters and dormers can also be drawn
  • All elements are polylines with their own height and width suitable for Hide or Render
  • Each element has its unique layer
  • Tutorial model file is included. Use this file as a template for your own model


GABLE Aligns UCS and defines gable and roof openings geometry.
FRAMERConstructs Gable Framing. (You must run Gable first).
HIP Constructs hip and valley rafters.
ND Constructs end rafters.
HORI Constructs horizontal lumber such as ridges, fascias, purlins and plates.

To Install

  1. Copy the 3D-Framer.fas to your AutoCAD directory.
  2. Then go into AutoCAD and load the 3D-Framer.fas with “Load Application”.
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