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This program generates single and pair of doors on walls at any angle, trimming out the wall between the jambs, and allows the user to decide the routine to draw a DOOR TAG automatically, showing the door ID and size in Feet, Inches and fractional inches.

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Features & Tips :

The routine "breaks" the wall and draws end caps.
2” deep jambs, 1 ¾” deep door leaves, swinging arcs.
Circular shape door tag insertion.
For pair of doors, in case the leaves have different size, the routine allows the
user to specify the size of the active leaf.
Different layers for the door, jambs and door tag.


Door & Tag Generator (DTG) Imperial inserts a circular shape tag (dr-type.dwg) which contains attributes such as door tag (typed by the user) and door width (in feet, inches and fractional inches) automatically typed.
This block with attributes is useful when the user works with attribute extraction software. The user can custom edit the tag shape.
The text size of the door label is set for working drawings on a scale of ¼”=1’.
The text font is set by the user on the Autocad Text Style dialog box.
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