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CAD fx: Mechanical Power Tools 4 Lite
by 'CAD fx'
Parametric tooling add-on software package which includes holes, fasteners, structural shapes, and several other useful features.

MSRP: $130.00
CADalog.com: $117.00

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Easy to Use!

In addition to of all of the many fasteners, washers, nuts, steel shapes and many other components, you will find such great features as PowerSwap and PowerEdit. PowerSwap allows the user to change the fasteners to any hole type, and PowerEdit allows the user to change any features or components parametrically. The MPT Layer Manager guarantees that all of the generated entities show up in your (or your customer s) layer system.
  • Efficient, easy to use dialog interface makes creation of fasteners, holes, and shapes a snap
  • Parametric generation of all fasteners, holes, and shapes
  • Create and maintain multiple layer schemes for different customers
  • Includes complete parametric AISC structural shapes
  • Mating Piece Option automatically calculates the correct thread engagement
  • Power Edit allows you to change any feature parametrically

New Features

  • Machine Screws (Flat Head, Pan Head, or Hex Head)
  • Sheet Metal Screws (Flat Head, Pan Head, or Hex Head)
  • Phillips or Spline sockets for Flat and Pan Head Screws
  • Low Head Socket Head Cap Screws
  • T-Head Bolts
  • Spline Sockets for Set Screws
  • Hex Flange Nuts
  • Standard or Heavy Hex Nuts and Jam Nuts
  • Narrow, Regular and Wide Washers
  • Tapped Holes and Tap Extensions now include an option for Flat Bottoms
  • Attach Option in Washers and Nuts allows you to easily insert a Nut or Washer on an existing fastener
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