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PLM France 2005 - Market Research Report
This report studies the French PLM market** in 2005, through categories MCAD, PDM, MCAE, CAM, and through software vendors. It provides vendors' rankings, quantitative analysis, based on estimated 2005 numbers, and their evolution compared to 2004, visioning the 2005 trends and the future..

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Executive Summary

With more than 10% of the global PLM market, France* is the second largest European region for the PLM solutions. Estimated to be in excess of €1.1 billion in 2005, with an 8% growth compared to 2004, the market is both attractive and competitive.

16 PLM global and local vendors, acting on the French market, are studied in this report with their 2004 numbers and the estimated 2005. They are ranked considering both their total revenue, as well as their software only revenue:

PLM tools are studied in 4 categories:
  • MCAD (Mechanical Design tools): The biggest segment, still growing slightly.
  • CAM (Manufacturing tools): Needs expressed for new technology.
  • PDM (Collaborative tools and Product Data Management): Growing fast, but mainly for MCAD vendors offering full PLM.
  • MCAE (Simulation, analysis and engineering tools): Growing fast but silently.

Like most regions, the French PLM market is led by vendors who still generate most of their revenues in the MCAD area. One of the findings of this analysis report is the influence of MCAD on the collaborative and data management market trend. In late 90s, many analysts estimated that the PDM market will be hot in the coming years and thus the new entrants specialized in PDM (SAP, MatrixOne, ...) will beat traditional PLM vendors focused too much on MCAD.

We find, in hindsight, that they were partially right, as the PDM segment has definitely been one of the fastest growing segments of PLM, however, we have identified two categories of PDM vendors: Those who are focused on PDM (SAP, MatrixOne, Agile, Lascom), and those who offer PDM tools together with their MCAD solutions (Dassault Systèmes, PTC, UGS). The first group is still finding the PLM business challenging. SAP, despite leading the French PDM segment, has registered –3% on the PLM business globally during the first nine months of 2005, while the rest of the company's business is on a +20% trend. MatrixOne and Agile, are both unprofitable, and Lascom a pure French player, has not earned the expected growth, despite some progress. On the other hand, Dassault, PTC and UGS, are all three recording a trend of double digit growth in their PDM business in 2005, profitably and solidly.

By providing market size, trend and vendors positions in each of the four segments; MCAD, PDM, MCAE, CAM, the reader can analyse which tools are adopted by the French market and how strongly they are adopted.

With over 12 charts and graphs, in a 20 pages document, PLM market France 2005 report gives a reasonable quantitative and qualitative picture of the market.

*Numbers estimated for software vendors in France cover all European French speaking regions including Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. **This PLM market report does not include any analysis regarding the following markets: EDA (Electronic Design Automation), AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) or GIS (Geographic Information System or mapping)
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