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Power Booleans 3.0 for 3D MAX or VIZ
by 'nPower'
Power Boolean handles difficult filleting cases and the Shelling tool provides both extended and rounded corner offsets for open and closed PolySurface objects.

MSRP: $395.00
CADalog.com: $329.00

MSRP: $395.00
CADalog.com: $329.00

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Power Booleans 3.0 for MAX is a spectacular tool.

The popular Power Booleans 2.0 is a great tool, and Power Booleans 3.0 is even better. The new Power Cutter tool is an excellent tool for exploding, breaking apart, assembling, sectioning, or fitting together objects like a 3D puzzle. See the image below for an example of a glass shattering. Power Booleans quad meshing is an outstanding resource for rounding of geometry. Look in our gallery to see some of the truly amazing and unique models created using PB quad meshing. The "Level Editor" user interface makes it a great tool for game developers.

Power Booleans Features

Power Booleans takes a 3DS MAX mesh and adds extra intelligence to it prior to performing Boolean operations. First it combines the topologies then it determines co-planar triangles and removes incident edges. The Booleans are then performed not on triangles but N-Sided polygons. Once the Boolean operations are completes, the result is retriangulated and sent back into max with co-planar edges hidden. The result of this extra work two fold. First the reliability of the Booleans is extremely high and second the resulting output is much cleaner in terms of having fewer small edges and less triangles. The table and image to the right illustrates the advantages of Power Booleans. Power Booleans 3.0 for MAX is now released and available. It has a 30 day free trial. PB 3.0 has scripting support, and a new Power Cutter tool (an excellent tool for creating objects that explode, break, shatter, fall apart, assemble, etc.). Power Booleans 2.0 is an outstanding and very popular tool, and Power Booleans 3.0 is even faster, easier to use, and more Powerful. We're certain that you will find it to be very fun to use.

MAX Boolean

  • 314 Vertices 534 Triangles 15 Mouse clicks Extra Edges Displayed Many skinny Triangles Many Small Edges

Power Boolean

  • Better Quality Mesh - less small edges, less skinny triangles.
  • Smaller Mesh - fewer vertices and faces.
  • Easier and Faster To Use - unlimited objects per Boolean operation.
  • Cleaner Looking Mesh - co-planar edges remain hidden.
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