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Power Solids/Power Booleans 3.01 for Rhino Bundle
by 'nPower'
Two of Rhino's best plug-ins in one bundle. Power Solids extends the high-end solids modeling function. Power Booleans enables editing operands, changing Boolean operations, and integrated filleting of intersections, operator or operand edges.

MSRP: $395.00
CADalog.com: $355.00

MSRP: $395.00
CADalog.com: $355.00

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Power Solids/Power Booleans Includes:

  • Includes a NURBS Tessellation tool and a Polygon Boolean Tool as options in the Power Boolean Tree command
  • Power Booleans also provides a NURBS Tessellation algorithm that can produce very high quality "water tight" meshes suitable for a wide variety of applications including stereolighography, game development, animation, manufacturing and rendering applications
  • Power Shell provides a tool to do shelling and offsetting of solids. You can specify a positive offset or a negative offset distance to inset. Power Shell can offset with either surface extension or with filleting. Both open and closed objects can be shelled.
  • Power Fillet maintains an editable "Fillet Definition" which contains list of edges to be filleted, the filleting parameters for each edge, the original object and the resulting filleted object.
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