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Mech-Q Mechanical
by 'ASVIC Engineering'
The Mech-Q Mechanical module includes a comprehensive range of mechanical symbols, large range of fasteners, bearings & housings, gears, material handling equipment, shafts utility plus... Material handling modules: Sprockets, conveyor rolls.

MSRP: $400.00
CADalog.com: $379.00

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Mech-Q Mechanical

Mech-Q's powerful Mechanical utility provides a wide range mechanical symbols, fasteners, bearings and housings, gears, material handling equipment, springs, shafts and more and most are available in 2-D or 3-D solids.


  • Fasteners: A large collection of parametric utilities for drawing of bolts, nuts, washers, pins, bolt holes, slotted holes and more.
  • Material Handling: Conveyor rolls, suspended, sprockets, conveyor wheels, chain wheels, trajectory & valley angle calculator.
  • General Mechanical: Shafts design, chamfering utilities, bearings & bearing housings, keys & key ways, spur gears, clutches, cylindrical tolerance, mechanical symbols and many more.
  • General Drafting: This is a large collection of utilities, including detailing utility, auto-dimensioning utility, drawing symbols, section arrows, Quick-Draw utilities, layer manipulation functions, global text changing and many more.
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