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8 products found in the 'CAD libraries' category ...

ACE Translator 3000 V6 Professional (windows)
All-In-One CAD/EDA Translator.
MSRP: $995.00 Ours: $899.00 (Download)

AFV: 3D Helical Stair
An AutoCAD Add-on for draw a 3D circular stair in a powerful and very easy way AutoCAD 2000 / ADAutoCAD T thru AutoCAD 2007.
MSRP: $80.00 Ours: $79.95 (Download)

CAD fx: X-Filer
A drawing management and archival utility
MSRP: $195.00 Ours: $189.00 (Download)

CadParts Fastener Library & Insertion Program
A SolidWorks Certified Gold Product. This CAD library has over 11,000 Standard Fasteners plus most of the Pem Fasteners and is fully compatible with SolidWorks
MSRP: $149.95 Ours: $129.99 (CD-ROM)

CadParts- Pipe Fitting Library
A Library of Threaded Pipe Fittings, Pipe, and Pipe Nipples in Steel and Brass. Compatible with SolidWorks Routing 2004 and beyond. Comes with Configurations and Individual Files.
MSRP: $499.95 Ours: $449.99 (CD-ROM)

CadParts- PipeWorks
Automatically Inserts and Mates Pipe, Pipe Nipple, and Pipe Fittings into SolidWorks Assemblies. Comes with a complete Pipe Fitting Library. Program is full embedded inside SolidWorks 2006 and beyond.
MSRP: $799.95 Ours: $699.99 (CD-ROM)

Drafting & Detailing. Works like AutoCAD LT®. But better.
MSRP: $695.00 Ours: $650.00 (CD-ROM)

pdf2AutoCAD App
The pdf2AutoCAD App opens PDF files for editing within AutoCAD and other Autodesk programs. It’s not just another PDF Viewer or Underlay! It’s more.
MSRP: $79.00 Ours: $59.00 (Download)


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